ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM sails with a crew experienced, immaculately presented professionals. Together they give a highly tailored, personalized 24-seven service, delivered with the utmost discretion and respect. In addition to the expertise of the captain and chief engineer, the chief stewardess brings to the vessel both experience and a genuinely welcoming, friendly attitude. Whether you are enjoying a precious family holiday or an elegant cruise with friends, you can always expect this "can-do" crew to anticipate your needs and display meticulous attention to detail.

  • Mike Finnegan, Captain
    Mike has worked on a diverse selection of vessels including a variety of yachts as well as commercial vessels. Mikes maritime exposure has enabled him to captain in several locations including New England, The Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Central America, and the west coast of the US with a strong focus in Alaskan waters. Over the past 12 years Mike has successful captained between 8-18 weeks of charter annually with great references from clients and brokers.
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  • Matthew Fowels, First Officer
    First Officer
    Matt grew up in the south west of England and has always been around boats. He started on Zoom in 2015 and has been onboard ever since. Matt is our resident AV, water sports and, all around “go-to” guy. His upbeat personality and easygoing demeanor will make him a favorite of guests of all ages.
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  • Callie Coetzee, Rotational Chief Engineer
    Rotational Chief Engineer
    Callie Coetzee was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. An early interest in machines led Callie to study Mechanical Engineering before leaving South Africa in 2007 to pursue a career in the yachting industry. After five years on yachts in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Pacific waters, Callie acquired the skills and licenses necessary to maintain M/Y ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM’s engine room and general machinery spaces to the highest standards.
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  • TJ Miskela, Bosun
    TJ was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. Growing up he always had a love for the outdoors and sports. Excelling in both basketball and golf, which led him to get a degree in physical therapy. Whilst studying he worked 4 years at one of Americas most prestigious golf clubs However as a child, he has always had a great interest in water sports and boats so he decided it was time for a change.
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  • Mariah Earle, Chief Stewardess
    Chief Stewardess
    Mariah grew up in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington where she was very active in the outdoors and loved to ski. After graduation and traveling around Europe, she set her sights on a career in the yachting industry. Soon after ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM was purchased in 2015, Mariah joined the crew and has been enjoying the adventure ever since.
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  • Sarah Murphee, Second Stewardess
    Second Stewardess
    Sarah grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and South Africa where she developed a love for nature, adventure and culture. Before beginning in the yachting industry, Sarah was involved in the service industry for five years which revealed her passion for people and eye for detail.
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  • Katy Hannan, Third Stewardess
    Third Stewardess
    Katy grew up in Southern California near the ocean, where she spent time sailing & surfing. When Katy was 8 years old, she started racing sailboats, a passion she still follows to this day. After high school graduation Katy followed her love for the water to the East Coast where she started working as a stewardess in August 2018
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  • Devon Gouws, Deckhand - Second Engineer
    Deckhand - Second Engineer
    After 4 years in the yachting industry, Devon finds himself on M/Y ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. Devon is positive, helpful, always laughing and going out of his way to make every guest’s stay on ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM as memorable as possible.
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  • Brian Chapman, Deckhand
    Brian grew up in South Florida, in the city of Deerfield Beach. As a child Brian developed a love for the ocean spending his time surfing, fishing and diving. For high school Brian went to the Riviera Beach Maritime Academy after graduation he spent time working at a local surf shop. Brian is a natural artist and designer and helped work on designs for yacht uniforms, which lead him into the yachting industry. Brian always has a smile on his face and will be sure to make guests experience onboard unforgettable.
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